Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Garden Update

You were wondering about the progress of our garden? Well, let me assure you things are progressing incredibly well. Wanna see?

The garden path is coming right along! It's not completed yet, but this section is and I LOVE it. The slate is reclaimed from a friend's re-roofing project and the paver base was left over from the patio project. This is one eco-friendly project! And our quest to rid our backyard of it's grass is moving along nicely. We now have ideas for the next beds to plant.

This year I have decided to beautify with some flowers as well. I am loving this. Hoping to get some cuttings to bring inside with some of these.

We already have a baby pepper! This is significant as we have never had our pepper do anything more than this. We shall see if the summer heat loves them.

And our rosemary is in bloom. Not something we've really seen before, but this March it started to blossom and hasn't stopped since. I hope we see this beautiful blues all summer.

My primroses and foxglove with my new garden statue (can you see her there on the left side of the photo?). I love it. Below, you can see my other new garden sculpture. I'm a hopeless Francophile. Seeing this every day makes me so happy.

And the English roses are as happy as ever; raising them up made such a difference. They are really blooming and they smell divine! I can't wait to see what they'll all do.


Monica said...

Love it! Have you been to Avon Peri annual Gardens? She started with a backyard project similar to yours and ended up with several acres of gloriousness!

Ket said...

Everything looks great! I really love your new path, and the fact that you used the repurposed slate. Am I a little jealous? Maybe. :)

Curious about your rosemary -- I've never had it bloom either. I'll be interested to see what it does this summer!

Congratulations on a lovely garden. Very inspiring.