Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Apology To Josh

So apparently I am not the knitter I thought I was. I have tried and tried and failed 3 times to get the perfect cable knit sweater together. Hell, I can't even get it started. I wanted to do it. I planned to do it. I put the pattern together and purchased all the materials. I clearly need more practice before I can work that pattern. Josh, I am so sorry. But the perfect cable knit sweater will have to wait a year or two. I'm waving the white flag.

Is it bad, then, that I have taken all that gorgeous wool and started a blanket for my own family? It's SO soft and lovely. I couldn't help myself :)

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Josh Mugele said...

That's okay. Jody told me to look at this post and that I might cry. I thought you were going to post a picture of a horrible, ugly sweater that you were making and that I'd be forced to wear it. So, I'm kind of relieved.