Thursday, July 02, 2009


I love the two days we spend on the Old Mission Peninsula with my cousins. It's to die for. Truly. We stayed again at Chateau Chantal, and if the weather were any drearier, I think we all would have been happy to stay in the suite by the fire and rent a good movie. But there is wine to be had all over the peninsula; so we will plow ahead.

This year I really enjoyed the wine at the Chateau Grand Traverse and of course at the Chateau Chantal. They make reds that are superb. Although, truth be told, the 2896 red at Bowers Harbor is my all time favorite - here in Michigan. I often day-dream about drinking a bottle.

We'll do a cellar tour and maybe catch a movie later today. I love having the time away from Hayes but I am also looking forward to being back with the family.

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