Thursday, July 09, 2009

Too Cute

I have been following a lot of new blogs lately. One of my favorites is Totally Tutorials. There are always new things there I want to try, but when this little beauty popped up, I couldn't resist.

I used the scraps from a dress I made (before Hayes was born! Yes, I'm a saver...), and the scraps from his baby quilt that my sister so generously gave me. I LOVE this top. I can see myself living in this little beauty in the heat of summer this August. I see more of these in my very near future. Too bad I didn't get around to this one before the 4th -- It would have been so charming in the boat parade :)

If you are looking for the pattern, you can find it over at Sew, Mama, Sew. I love that you make it to your own measurements - no pattern or size numbers to deflate that ego some more.

Oh - and thanks to my kiddo for capturing this terrific photo for me!


Ket said...

Hmmm... wondering if my first comment was lost forever.

Anyway -- love the top & love Sew Mama, Sew. And want to know what's funny? JUST TODAY I downloaded a different pattern from Made By Rae! (The Buttercup bag which, hello, I will be making -- maybe in September?!)

Small internet, huh?

elaine brenner said...

You all and the sewing. 1st) I need to lose some weight so I'd look cute in that (you look adorable) and 2nd) maybe I can trade you some photos for some cute tops for my thin self. ;)

Love it!