Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Gift Larder

I heard this idea about a gift larder from a couple different places. It's essentially a dresser drawer full of gifts for birthdays and Christmas. (So helpful when you have a child who has trouble making choices in the store!) Sounds so much fancier when you name it a "larder." And I have started adding items for Christmas to mine.

So here are the latest items I've added:

I am really into these pot holders lately - they remind me of youth and arts & crafts. They are not the easiest things to get together, but they are tons of fun and who doesn't need another pot holder?

And then these socks just kill me! I love the colors and the fun ruffly edge. I thought I would be making them for Grandmom, but they are so loud and not as soft as I originally planned, so I am thinking they will be going to another home this year. I might even take the for myself!

And then there are the jams and other goodies we've been putting up that will be heading out and about this Christmas. I love storing up homemade goodness. I'll take it any way I can get it.


Debbi said...

You asked who doesn't need another potholder. I don't! Making those potholders has been a favorite activity in our house for months. The girls filled up a drawer, I sent them all home with Grandma, and the girls filled it up again!! :) (We love them, too, of course!) Now Abigail's into sewing doll pillows. We'll have them in every kind of fabric scrap the sewing store sells in no time. She's working on a doll quilt to match. Wants to be a seamstress when she grow up.

PinkDice said...

Ummm. Can you tell me exactly where your larder is? You know....for raiding....I mean for posterity purposes?