Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That Didn't Take Long

Ah yes, the sound of crying over homework. The frustration of sitting down to do another unfinished assignment from school. I see you are back. We thought we had bannished you from our home; but you found some small, cobwebby crack and crawled right back in! Damn you.

Two days into school and already a battle (and many tears, and ever so many hearty sobs) over homework. Is this an omen? I pray it is not. Is it a manipulation tactic? Probably on some level. Is this a reaction from the sudden rush into a structured (and I do mean very structured) environment? I can only hope.

Dear gods of education and homework and self worth, we pray that you would grant us peace and the strength to endure. And if you could see your way to a little grace and mercy, we would be ever so grateful. So say we all.


Anonymous said...

Peace be with you. And also with Hayes.

Monica said...

Some of my kids cry multiple times a day while doing their work and they are not in a structured environment... I wonder what that says about them.

(The teacher has been known to cry upon occasion as well- but only in the bathroom:)