Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Plumbing Caddy

We recently installed a new kitchen faucet. And by we, I mean my husband and my father. (I poured the wine, opened the beers, and curled up with my knitting.) My dad used to be a pipe fitter many moons ago and when I innocently (really) asked how we could fix the leaky kitchen faucet, the project quickly mushroomed into replacing the entire thing. (Trust me, we tried less costly options prior to the replacement.)

I should also mention that my son got in on the action. My son has this incredible ability to connect a new idea to an experience or idea with which he is familiar. While I sit knitting I overhear my child say, “Papa, it’s like I’m your plumbing caddy. I hold the light which is like the golf club and you do the work like a golfer would.” My father explained that there is an actual name for that job – an apprentice. Hayes got it right away, but I think I’ll be asking for my plumbing caddy from now on.

As the job became more involved, I realized that I was missing a photo opportunity. I grabbed the camera and snuck in to snap this adorable picture.

When Hayes saw the flash go off he turned his head a bit and said to his Papa, “Just act natural.” Indeed. This is our natural life.


PlumbPr0 said...

Looks like some good plumbers there :)

Ket said...

Can I borrow Hayes sometime to come over & tell Sara to just act natural?

Soledad Feigenbaum said...

Aww, they look so adorable! This is one of the moments a father cherishes most – when his son goes with him anywhere and becomes his “caddy.” It’s bittersweet because, eventually, they will grow up and have their own, separate lives. But through it all, your son will always remember how his father taught him how to do plumbing. :)