Thursday, April 08, 2010

Going Back To School

It's official - I'm going back to school. I am currently working as a note taker at Ivy Tech, and I've had a taste of the design classes there. I have always fancied myself a life-long learner. And I've worked in many different jobs in my short life, including campus ministry, event planning, teaching, and running my own small art business. As an artist, I've taught myself all but the basics I learned in high school. Getting my teaching degree left little room to pursue art.

So now I am going to be an Ivy Tech student learning the ropes of graphic design. I'm registered for two classes this summer and two in the fall, and honestly, I can't wait! I am really looking forward to having the interaction with other artists and getting the experience of learning these programs in and out. Hopefully I'll be just as excited once I'm in the thick of it. Only time will tell...


Ket said...

So excited for you, a little jealous (not gonna lie), and totally convinced that you're going to rock.

Way to go Amy!!

Caitlin said...

Are you walking on water in your Digital Me?