Friday, May 28, 2010

Little Jealous

I love my nieces. They are so incredibly certain of who they are. They are creative, and happy, and good people. It makes me so proud (even though I have had very little to do with it). And now, I can add to my pride, jealousy. Indeed. Just look at the FABULOUS styles they recently got at the salon. OMG!

Maggie reminds me so much of Frenchy on Grease I can't stand myself. She's adorable to begin with, but now? Gorgeous! And Eleanor makes me want her hair so badly I went and got myself a new 'do. Nothing nearly as cool and hip as hers, how could it be?

I love them. They rock. And when they start their own roller derby team (The Shreddy Bears), I am totally there (nasty sign and all)!

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Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! They are adorable.

Another Oh my gosh moment! Roller derby!! I have two cousins who are right now in conditioning to be a part of the South Bend Roller Derby league. I can't wait to go see them bash each other around. Why is it so much fun to watch? I don't know, but it is! Anywho, very cute nieces indeed!