Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Refashion Success!

My first attempt at refashioning clothing was a complete failure. But this time, I think I got it right! This cotton / linen blend shirt used to belong to Richard. It never fit him right and was just not his thing. I grabbed it out of the donation/garage sale pile and decided to give it an attempted update. I really like it. And it's a bit dressier than a T-shirt for summer. I may just get the hang of this after all.
I created some pin-tucks at the waist to make it more flattering (and along the back - sorry, no photo) and then I shortened the sleeves and gathered them for a more feminine look.

I'd love to try and change the neckline, but this looks good as it is. I'll have to leave that for the next one. Richard better watch out, his clothes are about to be picked over!

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The Lahti Family said...

OOOOHHHH! I love it! Nice work!