Friday, June 05, 2009

The Perfect Bike For Jody

My sister has been talking about wanting a Granny Trike for a long time. You know the kind that the old ladies in the trailer parks ride with the handy basket in the back? Like this one:

My grandma had one that we loved to ride down to the Banyan tree in their trailer park. Hers was green, but essentially the same thing. Did I mention how much we loved it? But I digress.

My sister and her family live in this great little town - very walkable, and yet hauling the groceries back from the market isn't all that convenient without a car. I found the perfect solution! Check out this amazing bike:

It isn't the most affordable bike I've ever seen, but it sure as hell beats the Granny Trike in sophistication. I bet all those eco-minded neighbors of hers would be green with envy over this little puppy. I know I would be.

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Jody said...

That is so incredibly awesome it makes me want to go to Palms and Pines right now! And while I do love the newer version, I'm still completely in love with the idea of having a granny trike. My family's embarrassment be damned!