Tuesday, July 18, 2006


How did I get to be so lucky? This child has reminded me twice in the last two days what a caring and giving person he is.

Yesterday we were out buying a gift for his friend's birthday party. Naturally we were pressed for time -- we were shopping an hour before the party! I picked out the gift I had assumed Hayes wanted to give to Ben. I don't know if we had even discussed it. As we were headed for the checkout, he began to whine and cry. I thought it was because he wanted a toy. I told him this was not going to happen. He then informed me that he wanted to get something else for Ben. It took another 20 minutes of searching, but he found something I am sure Ben will like and was probably better than what I thought he wanted to give him. When we got to the party, I was sharing this with another mother and she reminded me that her daughter loved the game Hayes had picked out for her daughter's birthday. She commented that he was such a giving child. She is so right.

Today when we got home from the grocery, we saw a moving van in front of a house down the street. The same house where Hayes' neighborhood friends live -- or lived. He asked me what the truck was doing at the Parr's house. I explained that it was a moving truck and that the Parrs were moving to another neighborhood. He began to sob -- not just crying, but sobbing which lasted a good 20 minutes. He was so sad to see them go and so free with his emotions. It was all I could do not to cry with him. I have such a great kid.


EmilyBean said...

that picture made me squirt some tears out....
i never want to stop being a part of his life. i can't wait to see him grow even more..

Ket said...

you sure do have one gorgeous kid, you know that? (gorgeous inside & out!)