Monday, July 31, 2006


I am an artist. ARTIST. I realize that computers are a very useful and even enjoyable thing to have around. I use them all the time. They are my friends. But today, I have had it. I designed a beautiful website this weekend -- really. You can see it at And then, I couldn't get it to publish. So I spent about an hour at the Genius Bar yesterday in the Apple store, having them help me upload and learn to upload myself. Love them there.

So I get home and I have made my adjustments and lo and hold, the damn email program isn't working. Can I notify anyone of this fabulous accomplishment? No. So I try to solve this problem without asking for help and I inadvertently DELETE my entire address book. No, I didn't move it. No, it was not recoverable. Yes, I had to re-import the whole thing and then proceed to add the addresses I have collected this summer and reorgainze my mailing lists! Good Times! This is when a person is supposed to have a Tom Collins and stop worrying about it. Instead, I put everything in my address book and went to bed.

So when the damn email program didn't want to recognize me this morning, and the digital camera wouldn't allow me to put my files where I wanted them, I was ready to do some violence. My very wonderful and techno savvy husband came to my rescue this morning and I was able to complete the e-mail sending and photo editing. Where will the madness end?! So I am off to do some art -- with REAL tools, like paper and paint and scissors. That's right, I am an ARTIST.


LB said...

that must be pretty awesome to say...
tell richard that i', liking the knew hair style!

Matthew said...

LOVE the new website! Great work!