Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Value Of Sleep

One thing that happens at the lakehouse is that we have long days. This is generally a good and wonderful thing -- unless you are four and a half. Then, when the sun does not set until 9:40, and you get to stay up and watch the fireworks, you have a hard time making good decisions. Actually, you have difficulty making any decisions at all. And then the people with you have difficulty maintaining their sanity, which is fabulous, because their parenting skills are on display for all the family (and I do mean ALL the family) to see -- and evaluate -- and to discuss at length once you leave the area. It is also unfortunate that those same people have stayed up late playing games and laughing and leaving you completely out of things so that their fuses are shorter too. It makes for fabulous family time. Sleep is golden, this is the new rule at the lake. Let there be sleep.

1 comment:

Matthew said...

AMEN to the new rule at the lake! Sleep is so important for the little ones...maybe we can get ALL the family to understand that! :)

I hope no one was evaluating my parenting skills (or lack there of) up at the lake.

For the and Richard make great parents. The proof is in your great kid!

We loved seeing you.


P.S. I also like your new "no rules, no plans" day! Could we try to get that to catch on at the other end of the lake?