Sunday, July 09, 2006


There are things I look to do while I am at the lake, many of which happened this summer trip. The best thing, was my Thursday night experience. I was all alone, for all intents and purposes: mom and dad were visiting family, Hayes was deep in a sleep the kind you can only find at the lake with the windows open and a quilt over you.

There are many components that made the evening perfect: my jammies, my favorite ratty blanket, two glasses of Shiraz, a well-written novel, the ability to read on the deck overlooking the lake until almost 10 pm. But the thing that put me over the moon, was the loon that has taken up residence this summer on the government property next to ours. She sang such a beautiful song that I had to stop reading and just listen to her. I never did see her that night, but her presence there, in the still of the evening was almost more than I could bear.

I considered sleeping out there in that deck chair, and if it hadn't been for the gaggle of deer flies, I might have. Eventually I had to come in. The light of the moon was gorgeous, but not enough to read by. As long as I can have those moments, I will continue my pilgimages to the lake each summer. Those are the nights that make the 7.5 hours in the van all worthwhile.

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