Monday, July 17, 2006

It's Good To Be Home

We have been the traveling family this July. It always happens. I have shows and there's the 4th of July at the Lake and the pilgrimage to the Shore in Maryland. And as much as I truly enjoy seeing the family and being on the go, it is FABULOUS to be home. I slept in my own bed, played on the internet, Hayes watched his obstacle course show that has been DVR'd for him. The rash that Hayes developed while at the shore the last two days has completely cleared up. Things are going to be back to normal very soon -- just a few errands to run (like groceries and birthday gifts) and we will be back in the "at home" groove.

I only wish Richard was here too. We keep missing one another with all our travels: he's in Hawaii while I am at the lake, he's at home while I'm at the shore, I'm at home while he's in (is it really?) Dallas, he's at home while I'm in Cincinnati, I'm at home while he's in North Carolina. Soon this will have to stop because Hayes will start school and my show schedule will lessen. Ahh...those crazy days of summer!

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