Thursday, December 03, 2009

Auntie Amy and Her Neverending Projects

I'll just go ahead and admit it: I LOVE being auntie Amy. My sister's girls are my first foray into the world of girls and I have to say, I was way more hooked than I ever thought I'd be. I mean, I prayed for a boy -- and god knows I needed one. But my nieces have a sway over me which I never would have dreamed. So when they come to visit, it is inevitable that we will be engulfed in a project within the first day or two of their arrival. And as they get older, the projects become more elaborate.

This Thanksgiving, my darling girls asked me if they could sew. I was delighted and readily agreed when they asked if they could make their own stuffed animals. They drew their own patterns and cut out all the pieces from the various remnants of fabric hanging around my studio. (A perfect use for them, I might add.) After using the sewing machine (under the hawkish eye of their auntie) and learning the whip stitch, they produced the cutest little stuffies to ever come out of this studio.

I can only imagine what fabulous projects will be created this Christmas. They rock.


Ket said...

I love this!

And what are you doing up at 5:00 in the morning? Good grief, woman!

Miss you.

stacy said...

I think that HUGE new bag of remnants I am sending your way will come in handy for moments like this ....

Michelle said...

You are creating wonderful memories for those adorable nieces of yours, one stitch at a time! How fabulous Auntie Amy!!

Way to go!