Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby Wrap

I recently purchased (ok, I suppose it was this summer) a knitting book that has some really adorable projects in it -- and bonus! they are quick. One More Skein, by Leigh Radford

is just the place I happened to find this sweet little wrap I knit up for one of my sweet nieces. Here you can see the photo from the book:

How could you not want to knit that up immediately??? It's so easy and carefree and no other baby is going to have one! So I did. And here's the finished product before it was shipped out to that sweet little girl:

I used a Cascade Superwash in a pink/yellow colorway so it could be thrown in the wash as needed. I just hate to send anything to a baby that can't be cleaned easily. And I must admit, I love the cabled edge. I'd never done that before. I just might have to work that into a new scarf.

It's enough to make a girl want a baby of her own :)

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