Thursday, December 10, 2009

NPRs Christmas Gift

I just reloaded my Christmas play list into my iPod. First, you have to know that I don't live and die with music. That's my husband, my friends Amy and Elaine and several other very talented people I know. But I do love Christmas music. I am sentimental by nature and the very thought of Christmas music lightens my heart (but NOT before Thanksgiving Day -- I'm very strict about that).

As I was with my father, on a trip home from getting some emergency tree-trimming items (namely wine and new tree lights - in that order) my favorite Christmas story popped up on the iPod. It brought us both to tears. It just isn't Christmas until I've heard it. It's John Henry Faulk's Christmas Story. I call it the Striped-y Candy Story, for reasons understood once you listen. If you've never heard it, you simply must. You can find it on NPR's website, right here. It's the perfect start to my Christmas season. It sums up what it used to be like for my family and why I love the Christmas season so much.

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