Monday, December 14, 2009

I Must Be Living Under A Knitting Rock

I have a passion for knitting socks. They are so quick and I still find it amazing to turn the heel -- every time. But for the love of knitting I had no idea that self patterning yarn could do this:

I've knit socks that have a color-changing yarn with random coloring and a fun kaleidoscope feeling to them. And I love that too. But this, this is amazing stuff! Who knew? Well, probably everyone else out there who's ever knit up a pair of socks.

I am definitely adding this to the arsenal for knits that impress. I mean, how easy is that? Between this yarn and cabling I'm going to impress the hell out of people without any effort at all! Just don't tell them it was so easy, ok? And if you already know the secret, and I happen to gift you with something cabled, or made from self-patterning yarn, just play along. It'll make me feel better.

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Ket said...

Hey, don't sell yourself short -- there's nothing easy about making great-looking knits. And you are awesome at it!