Monday, December 28, 2009

Sew Cute Rocket

Since we are safely out of the gifting portion of the holiday season (at least in my family) I'll show you a couple of fun things a whipped up for Christmas this year. The first will be this little stuffed rocket that just happened into my studio. Along with a fabric order I placed this fall from Etsy, I received a fat quarter of this rocket ship fabric. (One of the things I love about Etsy is that sellers will often send little extras with your purchase!) I wasn't sure at first what I would do with it, but I knew that whatever became of it, it would go to my nephew Matthew who is ga-ga over any and all things space related.

Never having put a "stuffie" together before, I was seriously winging it. But I loved the end result. It was very close to the vision I originally had. And now I know a few things about making a 3-D object from fabric that I didn't know before! I would seriously appreciate any tips you have about stuffing the wings of something like this. The polyfil did not want to stay down in the points. Nevertheless, I was quite happy with this cute little rocket, for a cute little rocket man.


Ket said...

VERY cute, Amy! I'm sure he loved it. :)

We need a crafting retreat. (Not just scrapbooking.) Sewing, knitting, mod-podging... I'm getting all a-flutter just thinking about it!

The Lahti Family said...

Did he love it???!!!! He did not put it down the entire Christmas morning, day and night! It is sitting in his bed waiting for our return from Disney! I will post pictures of him "blasting" it off on our blog as soon as I get the chance!