Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Getting Organized

I am all about the organization around here. I love to have just the right system for everything. I have been overwhelmed lately by my wool/fiber stash, but with the Christmas crush to get all manner of gifts knit, I just didn't have the time to address the sorry situation growing in my studio.

But now it's the new year, and what better time than that to get my sh*t together? I found this old shoe organizer collecting dust in a closet and suddenly knew exactly what needed to happen. I combined it with this old TV stand (I am apparently destined to have one in my studio) so that the yarn is a little higher than dog-level. (Let's be honest, if they wanted to get into it, there'd be no problem whatsoever. But I'm hoping that having raised it this much, I can at least keep it from being on their eye-level, and ever so tempting.)

And I was able to clear enough space in my wicker trunk that all -- let me say, ALL -- my yarn is now in one place. And it looks pretty to boot! It's so inspiring. Now, if I could just finish that blanket . . . and pair of socks . . . and tunic . . . . I could start using up this gorgeous stash.


Monica said...

Looks great and beautiful, too. I love all the colors and textures. Happy organizing!

swilliams said...

Great organizing!!!

Karen said...

It looks so pretty that it's just calling you to make something awesome! I am into the organizing this week, too. Love it!