Thursday, January 21, 2010

Proof of Pregnancy

As many of you know, our family is expecting a new little person round about September. I have been asked many times how I am feeling. And truly I am feeling better than I expected. (I almost hate to admit it, because my Karma is just that sensitive.) I have the occasional wave of nausea, but beyond that and a little sleepiness, I feel like my same old self.

That is, until the woman behind the counter at Archivers (a giant scrapbooking store in town, that holds two crops each weekend) decided she was French and would not, by any means, help me. I give you a copy of an e-mail recently sent to some friends (who I dearly hope to see):

Hello Loves,

I am planning to be at Archivers on Friday, but due to their SEVERE LACK of customer service, I could not register without a credit card (and since my debit card number was stolen and subsequently destroyed, and I only have an AmEx, I don't have said card). NEVER MIND that I have been there 25 times before and never once have I canceled, and no matter how many times I cross my heart and promise to pay, they will NOT put my name in the sacred book. (I could go on, but you get the idea.) So I will just have to take my chances that there will be a seat left for me when I get there. (To which the girl on the phone said, "I'm so sorry." As if there was NOTHING she could do.) And that won't be before 5, as RJH is flying in that day. (Cross your fingers that there are no delays because at that point I may kill someone.) All that to say, I plan to be there on Friday, but the universe may conspire against me. We shall see.... (I may be just a little hormonal.)

Amy H

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