Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kindle Konundrum

I've been watching the advent of these electronic readers closely. And apparently I am not alone. CBS Sunday Morning just had an article about them this week. They claim that the book is sure to go digital. I'm an avid reader, and I love books. Perhaps, too much. Or perhaps I'm too much of a luddite at heart, because I am having trouble seeing the benefit of something like the Kindle for someone like me. I can't imagine giving up my shelves and shelves of books. How would I use one of these readers? Why would I want one? Is it really better than holding a hardback book in your hands and feeling the weight of the words on the paper? I'm just not sure.

If I were in a profession which needed me to call upon a range of books at one time, I could see the benefit of an electronic reader. I could also see the potential benefit of a student not needing to carry 50-pounds of books to class, or from library carrel to library carrel. But I fit neither category. I'm a mom and a housewife and an artist.

I do love my audio books and feel they fit into my lifestyle beautifully. I'm finally able to read and knit, or paint, or sew at the same time. But an e-reader? I'm just not sure....

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