Friday, February 19, 2010

Card Makin' Fool

I have been burning a little creative energy making some cards lately. I've gone completely digital in the scrapbooking arena, and I have all these left over supplies from when paper was queen. Something had to be done. And I love to use up my scraps, to be utterly thrifty, and to make something beautiful out of what was once just a pile of unrelated items. (I also spent a good deal of time purging those I'm-never-really-gonna-use-this items. Boy what a difference that made!)

And this box was WAY too low. I like to send one or two of these with each book I sell; a little extra something is always lovely. I still need to beef up the birthday and baby cards, but progress is progress. And spending a little time with myself on an artist date doesn't hurt either.

I love it when the creative urge strikes.

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