Monday, February 01, 2010

Super Scarves 2012

I recently discovered that the knit-signal has been lit for Super Bowl 2012 (you know, like the bat-signal?). Indianapolis is hosting the Super Bowl in 2012 and wants to give away 8,000 scarves to all those who volunteer to help with the Super Bowl happenings. As such, they are asking for knitters to donate their time and hand knit a scarf or two in order for the committee to provide them to all their volunteers.

For more information, you can check out the Host Committee's website. There is no set pattern, but there are patterns available on the website for those who may need a suggestion. There are, however, approved yarn colors (which are, coincidentally, blue and white). I will definitely be sending in a scarf or two. I just love being involved in stuff like this.


Jody Sparks said...

That's awesome on so many levels!

Amy H said...

I know, right?