Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nursery Plans

So I think I have a good start on the nursery (otherwise known as the upheaval that is about to take place); at least I have the bumper pad fabric and some paint colors picked out. Like I said, it's a start.

I think I will want to repaint a dresser that is currently white, and probably add some more modern drawer pulls to it. And the walls will certainly be getting a fresh coat of paint. (or two, or three -- as the color in Hayes's room is really dark!)

I will definitely be adding some solid colored fabric to this mix for sheets, blankets, changing pad covers, perhaps even a chair slipcover if I get that ambitious, but these colors and patterns really appeal to me and I am sure they will have a calming effect in the new nursery -- at least on my end.

It's a start. And Hayes seems to have finally settled on a color scheme for his room too. I feel like we can actually get started painting the guest room (soon-to-be-Hayes's-new-room). There is much to do before September arrives.


Ket said...

It's all lovely, Amy. I think those paint colors really will be calming... at least for one of you. ; )

angie said...

what has Hayes decided on? I am so curious. I am going to redo Renee's room for her b-day in March. J feels his room needs decorated. I asked what he wanted, he said he wants new bedding...of course that is pink and purple. I haven't found any that is acceptable yet! :) that kid! What am I going to do with him. Don't think I haven't thought of just having the two of them switching rooms. But of course they wouldn't go for that!

Love the fabrics!!! It will be so beautiful!

Amy H said...

Hayes has settled on Black, Grey and Red. Don't know yet exactly how that's going to work itself out, but at least that one decision, in a long line of them, that has been made. Check!