Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

What kind of idiot goes out to Walmart at 4 pm on a Saturday afternoon? Apparently, I do. (Pregnancy Brain, I fart in your general direction.) There was no Tylenol in the house, and I had a splitting headache. What's a girl to do? But upon arriving at the Walmart, I couldn't find the analgesics. They put the in the very center of the store, in the vortex of people, the most chaotic part of the mart. Who's brilliant idea was that?

And I got the last bottle of Tylenol in the store. I'm not exaggerating. (It's been known to happen, but not this time.) And you know what? Of course they were all out of Tylenol -- it was 4 pm on Saturday at Walmart. What was I thinking?

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Debbi said...

It's also payday weekend for those who get paid monthly, twice a month, or weekly. They all intersect here. When I asked Perry to stop at the commissary for a few things for me yesterday, he said, "NO!!"

I'm glad they had one bottle of Tylenol left just for you. That was God's little gift to you today!! :)