Thursday, June 16, 2005

Caffeine A Go Go


So my doc tells me I have to get off the caffeine. I think to myself, "this is no problem; I don't drink very much of the stuff anyway."

Day One: cold turkey -- no tea in the morning, no iced tea in the afternoon, no tea before bed. Hmm.. Maybe I do drink more than I thought. Headache at night, sure to be solved by the "happy eye pillow" (my favorite item every from Bath and Bodyworks).

Day Two: Splitting headache in the morning;must take Excedrin Migraine -- oh yeah, Excedrin has caffeine in it. Hmm...Tylenol instead. Two cups of herbal tea (mostly satisfying) and swim lessons, more Tylenol to follow. Grouchy momma by noon, still with a splitting headache, caffeine-free diet coke with lunch. Hayes has a friend coming over after lunch so I break down and decide to take the Excedrin, for the sake of the friend of course. Instant relief. 9:00 pm -- Diet Coke (with evil drug) from the drive through. This will be much harder than anticipated.


Anonymous said...

and why did your doctor say that you had to give up caffeine?!?!?


Anonymous said...

You just have to get through those first two weeks...and then the headaches subside. I gave up caffeine for the New Year and it has been wonderful not to have the addiction anymore. Good luck...and no more Diet Cokes from the drive thru :)

--Julie L.