Friday, June 17, 2005

Swim Lessons

6.16.2005 Posted by Hello

Hayes is taking swim lessons. I thought it would be good for him to get used to the water, to try things with kids his own age. Have I mentioned that this kid is rather particular about almost every detail of his life? He's hesitant about getting his face wet or any part of himself splashed. This makes things rather tricky as kicking and splashing seem to be an integral part of swimming. In addition to the "no water on me" attitude, these lessons are in the morning, outside, when the water is ice cold. I am actually surprised that he will get in the water at all. I am wondering why I thought this would be a good idea at all. We spend the ride home discussing why he can't just "do my own thing" while he's in the water. He seems to believe that is why he is there and disregards the instructions of the swim teacher most of the time. One more week of this. We'll see if things improve.


carol harrison said...

Oh how I remember those days with Richard!
See you soon.
Love, Mom Carol

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog - am still here - gin and tonics?