Monday, June 06, 2005

Poor Showing

I took my art to a fair at Conner Prairie this was rather a bust. Very few people showed up. No one is sure why. It was also the former "country market." I have a feeling this is why so few of the artists moved anything. The weather was also a killer - the first heat wave we've had all year. Oh, and come to find out, my tent lost a foot at the Broad Ripple Fair, two weekends ago. Who know it would take two screwdrivers and a pair of pliers to extricate the leg to set up for this show?

I did have a personal triumph at this show: I dodged a severe rainstorm by about 10 minutes. You've never seen me move so quickly. I HATE the rain. I was packed up and pulling out in no less than 30 minutes. I wanted to scream to everyone as I left, "I'm a genius! I did it! I missed the rain!"

I did, however, have to pull off the highway for about 3 minutes when the hail hit. The rain was simply blinding. The best part of sitting in this intense rain storm was hearing the DJ for NPR say, "It's currently partly sunny here in Indianapolis." Oh, the irony. Here's hoping that July is better than June.

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