Thursday, June 23, 2005

Uncle Pepper Bunny


As Hayes gets older he is growing more and more attached to his toys. And he has the memory of an elephant. Every time I sneak one of those Happy Meal toys into the trash he is suddenly searching high and low looking for exactly that one. How does he know?

He has recently become attached to his Good Night Moon stuffed bunny. It was a gift for him from Aunt Trish and Uncle Richard when he was a baby. It's been hanging around in his room for about three years now. Suddenly this is the comfort object. Christopher Bear has been removed from the place of honor and now the bunny is in his place. I asked Hayes what he thought we should name this rabbit. He immediately suggested Christopher Rabbit. Since this is also Hayes's first name, I thought it might be a little too confusing for mommy to keep all the Christophers straight. We thought about it and talked about his coloring (light gray) and his pjs (striped). Suddenly Hayes popped out with, "What about Uncle Pepper Bunny?!"

What an amazing kid. I can only assume that he suggested the "Uncle" title as a tribute to his Uncle Chris (the Christopher for whom he is named). He's no dummy -- he'll slip that Christopher in one way or another. So Uncle Pepper Bunny is headed to Hilton Head with us this week. We'll see if he can pass muster the way our beloved Christopher Bear has this year. You never can tell with Hayes.

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