Thursday, September 03, 2009

Blessed Pickles

I love Kosher Dills. And I have had the worst luck with cucumbers the last two years. Last summer we just went without pickles. Tragic. So I trudged out to the farmers market in the rain last week and purchased a basket-full of cucumbers from the brave farmers who came out. (I use an old picnic basket I found at a thrift store for harvesting in our garden and farmers-marketing.)

And finally, dear reader, I have pickles! I used one of those spice packets this year, instead of making my own pickling spice. In truth, my brain has been jello lately and I didn't trust myself to do it without missing a step. And this just had to be right.

Thirteen jars of pickles later and I am smiling like a Cheshire cat! We even had the "misfortune" of one jar not sealing properly, so we had to open it up right away and start eating those pickles. Slowly but surely I am putting things by this year. I suppose we will have some summer goodness stored away after all.

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