Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am so in love with the new Fox show Glee. I can't get enough! I am actually a little sad that I discovered it in real time - and not a season or two later when I could gorge myself on an entire season at once. If you haven't seen it yet, you really must. Hulu is my savior, as I can only record so many shows at once on the DVR (yes, I realize what this sounds like).

I always thought I wanted to be in show choir as a high school student; but I convinced myself I was either too lame (really) or too flat, or too selfish to really do it. I mean, you had to audition in front of the rest of the choir - on a stage - and you had to spend in ordinate amounts of time in rehearsal and competition, and I was already in the "real" choir, the top choir other than Encores - our show choir. It was no surprise to learn that the creator of the show himself was a native hoosier and in fact, an alum of Warren Central High. Of course he was.

This show is really all that and more. If I had to go back to high school (and please realize, this would be as dire a ring of hell as I could imagine - I'd rather be a cannibal) I'd hope it was with these people.

I love it when the fall sweeps begin. It's just another reason to love fall.


Jamie Hatfield said...

Amy, I love this show too!
Glee helps me relive the horrors of high school (yes, it really was that bad) while still making me miss the best parts of it.
The Cheerios coach is the best part of the show. So funny!

Ket said...

Isn't it hilarious?

A couple of my old Butler friends & I got together and watched the premiere last week. Of course we all had vocal music backgrounds so we were rolling throughout most of it. One of them pointed out that he thought there was a reference to North Central's choir (name of the group, or the colors, or something) in the pilot.

Only a former Indiana show choir nerd from would pick up on that!