Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scrap Happy

I think I mentioned before that I was headed to an overnight crop last weekend and although it wasn't my favorite place, it was great to see friends and get a little further ahead on my scrapping. (although, I have to admit, I spent a good deal of time knitting as well.)

We stayed at a place called Crop-A-Doodle-Do. And while I couldn't give it 5 stars (the internet wasn't working in the crop room - after all, I am a digital scrapper - and the food was just so-so, and the cropping space was smallish, and the acoustics in the room made it loud...), it was still a get-away and would have seemed amazing if we hadn't already had the ultimate in scrapbooking weekends at Treasured Memories. (although the owner there is really hard to get in touch with)

Here are a few of my favorite layouts from the weekend:

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Ket said...

I think I'm pretty much a ditto on your review. Although I thought the hostess was very very good: nice, warm, easy-going, but not in your face. (Though not-so-much with the meatless options, now that I think back on it.)

Also -- loved what you did with the castle layout!