Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Xmas PJs

We have friends (you know who you are!) who used to get new pajamas as their Christmas Eve present -- that way they all looked coordinated and fresh on Christmas Morning. I have always loved this idea and have tried, on occasion, to implement that same strategy. Most often I find myself in my huge alma mater T-shirt and some flannel jamma pants that are ages old. What can I say? I'm attached to tradition.

This year I am treating our family to some new jams for Christmas -- jammies that I make for them. Well, at least the bottoms. I may have mentioned (once or twice, ahem) that I got this new book Weekend Sewing and that it has in it's very pages the pattern for pajama bottoms for the entire family. Yee-ha! So I have started drooling over flannel fabrics that I might choose for said PJs.

I found this fabulous fabric on Etsy (of course I did) and it will soon be wrestled into bottoms for my hubby.

I love it! And I have been mooning over SEVERAL fabrics for myself, including Christmas owls and garden gnomes. The real trick will be coming up with a fabric that my child likes - that's flannel. I'm kinda picky that way. When asked, he said he'd like something with punctuation marks all over it. Yeah, I'll be sure to pick that up right away.

These are the best I have come up with and I am still not thrilled with them:

If you've got any other suggestions, I am certainly open to them.

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jody sparks said...

Punctuation pajamas? Genius!! Just as genius: garden gnomes! LOVE IT.