Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Farmers Market

I am in love with our local Farm Market. It happens every Friday night (which seems like an inconvenient time, but has really worked well once school started) rain or shine. Last Friday I found the most beautiful produce on a most beautiful day.

I need tomatoes (we just didn't get enough this year). But otherwise I had no idea of what I might find. And then I stumbled upon these gorgeous peppers and chiles:

I was in heaven! I started dreaming of salsas and chile rellenos and green chile omelets. (My dad grew up in Los Alamos - I had no idea that other midwesterners didn't eat these things on a weekly basis.) And when the poblanos were 3 for a dollar...well that sealed the deal.

We made these gorgeous rellenos useing this recipe.

Well, actually, I used a cornbread mix for the batter. It really balanced the heat of the chile with the sweetness of the batter. I don't mind telling you they were the best I've had in years! We will definitely be doing them agian. Sorry you missed it dad! Maybe next time....

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Beegirl said...

Looks like a great farm market!!