Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I finally got to the point of painting the lockers - and they looked really good too - until we put them in the sunny studio and the splotchy finish was revealed. Oh bother! I suppose that's what I get for painting them in the garage. Even with the door open I didn't see the unevenness (nor did my hubby). Check it out:

So now that they are in the studio, I have to figure out what to do. Paint another coat? If I can manage it in the house, I'd totally do it. That beast is NOT coming back down those steps. Or put my decoupaging hat on and see how altered I can make them? Could be cool - could be a disaster. Or just stick a whole bunch of "stuff" on the outsides with magnets? I think this is going to be my short term solution. I still have to fix the bottoms of the insides as they are a bit worse for wear and I don't want to put my fabric and fibers on that

I think I am going to have boards cut to the dimensions of the "floors" and then cover those with fabric scraps. It should do the trick and I think it'll be better than contact paper. I've also thought about adhering the fabric directly to the bottom, but the chance of rust seeping through makes me a little squeamish about doing that.

Oh, and because I always forget about taking a "before" photo, this is the monstrosity that came out of the studio; realize there hasn't been a TV in it for years. It started as the family entertainment center, morphed into a toy cabinet when we need one for the 2-3 year old, and finally found a home as a catch-all in my studio. We've laid it to rest. The garbage men begrudgingly picked up the dismantled pieces this morning.

And so it goes. I'll be sure to take photos of the lockers once they are stocked. I see a trip to in my near future. Those lockers are prime real estate. I'll need to use every cubit of space.


Monica said...

Metal is so hard to paint. I've found that after getting the color on well a small roller brush can work well to place an even top coat. Regardless- I think they are fantastic! I'm still kicking myself for not picking up some lockers on the side of the road when they remodeled Ben Davis Jr. High. Sure could use them now.

Ket said...

Love them! If you could figure out a sure-fire way to decoupage then I'd love to see what you'd come up with. Something fantastic, I'm sure!