Friday, September 04, 2009


As you may have guessed from yesterday's post, I have added some decorative labels to our jars this year. I thought they would lend a "gifty" touch to the jars. And they make me happy to look at. And it makes it easier to see what we have in the door of the 'fridge. It has also served to remind me of all the things that did get put up this year, so far. (After all, we still have relish and salsa and apple season ahead of us.) Here's a little peak:

I love my digital scrapbooking supplies, for oh so many reasons. And naturally I have found another way to use them. I used Avery Sticker Project Paper and my collection of digital supplies to create these cuties. If you are looking for some products to get you started, I would recommend checking out the freebies at: Scrap Girls, Scrapping with Ikea Goddess, and Atomic Cupcake. All have free products and enough to get you on your way. You'll also need a program like Photoshop or Elements to work in. I love the way these look and plan to make "how to care for this item" tags for my knitted gifts as well. Christmas is going to be so fun!

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Anonymous said...

they will be so fun to look at I am sure they will bring a smile to your face!! they are so cute!