Monday, March 22, 2010

Working Weekend

We had an incredibly busy weekend. There was some fun (in fact just about all of it was enjoyable) but there was certainly some work involved. Don't you just love that sense of accomplishment?

Projects this weekend included:

1.) We purchased a new Toyota Highlander - Red outside, Tan inside - and I think I am already in love. I'm not holding it against the car that we spent the entire afternoon (the better part of 5 hours) at the dealership.

2.) The peas and carrots are planted! I'm about a week behind my schedule on this, but they are the first crops to go in, and I wanted to create a new box for the peas. They climb, and I feel that they should climb up the side of our pergola. (The shade provided wouldn't hurt either.) I tried putting them in containers all along the base of the pergola two years ago, but they we unhappy. I planted them earlier and in a different container last year. Still unhappy. I finally have a solution (I hope!) with the new box. I should get 3 furrows, 8 1/2 feet each, of peas at one time. I've planted 4 varieties (two sweet peas, and two sugar snaps). We shall see if this year we are lucky enough to get a crop.

3.) Filling the new box was my accomplishment of the weekend. I went and purchased 1/2 a cubic yard of soil and spent the morning unloading all of it and filling the new box. It took almost all of it to fill the new box. I was able to top off a few of our whiskey barrels (where we plant the carrots) with the remainder of the soil.

4.) Assembling a brand new composter! It's ridiculous to be so excited about a composter, but I love it. I am hoping it lives up to expectations.

5.) Final clean up of all the garden and yard areas to be worked/planted this spring. This included filling our new composter with much of the debris.

6.) We hung a new light fixture in the stairwell. (well, Richard did.) We've lived in the house for 6 years now, and it's been a topic of conversation for just about as long. Thanks to Etsy (and a dear friend reminding me that they do, in fact, sell light fixtures over there), we were able to purchase exactly the light we were looking for at about half what I was expecting to spend. Love Etsy.

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Ket said...

Sounds like a good weekend! :)