Monday, March 01, 2010

Crocheted Baby Ring Toy

I caught a lot of grief over the creation of this toy. And I'll admit, it is a wee bit phallic until all the pieces are on it. But the "Pond Friends Stacking Toy" from Lion Brand Yarn is a free pattern online, and a lot of fun when it's all done.

I always get a little frustrated in any handiwork project with all the details of finishing, and this has a lot of tiny details! This is not exactly a quick project. But it is rather satisfying in that each piece comes together fairly quickly. And I am pleased to say, that I managed to whip up this toy entirely from the stash, and that is always a good thing. Over all, I am really pleased with it. If nothing else, it'll look really cute in the nursery.


Ket said...

VERY cute -- love it! : )

LaraBoBara said...

So cute! Also: hi! I'm a college friend of your SIL, Julie - she sent me to your blog because you and I have similar tastes and we're both expecting! Are you on Ravelry, too?

Amy H said...

I am on ravelry -- my user name there is Iskray. Love to see your projects! When are you due?

LaraBoBara said...

I will friend you there!

8/26/2010. You?