Monday, October 26, 2009

The Grampy Sweater!

I've been alluding to this for a while and I can finally reveal the Grampy Sweater! I first saw it over at SouleMama (which, if you are not already a dedicated reader, you should be). And while I did not intend to make it in the same colors (generally speaking) it's hard to choose something else when the baby's gender is still unknown.

I am so pleased with these results! If I were a little more sophisticated, I'd try and adapt the pattern into an adult sweater -- it was incredibly simple to knit. But I'm not so much there at the moment. And the buttons, if I do say so myself, were perfect (even if they did cost more than the rest of the sweater!) -- I had to have them.

Baby B should be sweet as pie in this little number. Can't wait to be introduced.


Ket said...

Love love love love love!

Thanks for posting!

jody sparks said...

Cutest sweater ever!