Monday, October 05, 2009

Make Your Own Fabric

For those of you with a fabric obsession, this might just take you over the edge -- Amy G, you've been warned.

I ran across this amazing site called Spoonflower. You might want to check it out yourself. It's a site where you can create your own fabric; no lie. You can choose from the amazing designs that are already there (and believe me, you can get lost for over an hour just playing with the prints), or you can upload your own design. I want to scream I'm so overcome. Just think of the possibilities! Your child's artwork could wind up in your favorite quilt, your pot holders can actually have designs on them that go with your kitchen, your favorite summer top could be created from fabric you designed. It makes we swoon. Granted, the cost may keep me from redecorating the entire house (it can be as much as $30 a yard) but for that I should thank them. I mean, imagine what would happen if it was bargain priced. I shudder to think.

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Ket said...


I'm almost afraid to go look. No, I'm definitely afraid to look.

AAAGHH! We've just got to get the house done now -- I don't have enough room for all the fabric I know I'll want to get!