Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I first want to say in the clear light of day, I never intended to make a costume for my child for halloween. I mean really -- they sell this costume. Well, they claim to sell this costume. And if you're an organized and calendar-attentive woman, you might actually order the costume before it is completely sold out in the Western Hemisphere. But I am not this woman. I never have been (I spent years faking it but have since come to terms with myself).

Yes, my child has decided to be a Ghostbuster. You know, those guys who captured paranormal apparitions in the 80s. I repeat, the 80s. How in the hell are they sold out now!?! Is there some Ghostbuster revival afoot for which I have had my head in the sand? Are the 80s so much in vogue that this B movie with big names and a vacuous plot are the it thing? Apparently, there is a run on Ghostbusters this halloween. If you see 100s of them marching on your neighborhood, don't say I didn't warn you.

And try finding a pattern for an 8-year-old body at the local fabric store which might in any way resemble a ghost-busting jumpsuit. The week before halloween. Not pretty. But being the determined mother I am, and no stranger to procrastination, I prevailed. (And I didn't even have to throw any elbows at the cutting table). I will be turning this animal jumpsuit (Butterick's 3238) into a Ghostbuster of 80s proportions. I swear I will. The right fabric, a little iron-on transfer paper....Watch out phantoms -- we're coming after you!

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The Lahti Family said...

Where's the picture of the finished product?