Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am aching to get to some projects that have been idling in the studio for a while. I've got those PJs to complete, a gift for a friend (another sewing project), the quilt edging to cut out and attach (that will be exciting), my easel to set up and a few radically different ideas for collages to get going on. I'm really hoping to push myself in my art with some fresh new ideas. Finally.

But alas, I have a last minute birthday gift that I need to complete. (This is how I justify my stash of fibers -- you just never know when you will need a quick skein in the perfect color.) I was given a really cute owl hat pattern at one of my knitting classes. (I just love those ladies!) If you're into knitting, I think this is one of the more unique designs I've seen for a hat. You can find it here. (I just keep adding these blog feeds to my reader -- do you think it will eventually explode?) I'll post a photo of finished hat before it gets wrapped (in other words, right after it comes off the needles and 5 minutes before I have to run to meet said birthday girl!).

Perhaps I can make it into the studio by Sunday????

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