Sunday, October 04, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife

I've been reading a lot this summer, but I thought I would post about the Time Traveler's Wife. (Jody, fair warning, I didn't have a love affair with this book.) It was certainly an interesting read; one that made me think a lot.

I think on the whole Science Fiction aspect, it was a great novel. I love the idea of a guy traveling through time to kick the ass of a punk who needed it. I even liked the idea of him meeting himself. But the whole love story was hard to take. I really thought it should have been on Oprah's book list it was so sad and depressing at times. And yet, the overall arc of the story was wonderful. True love conquers all, even a chronological disorder, adapting to one another, love at all costs, that was truly delightful. I just don't know. I know many people loved the book, but I can decide how it made me feel, or if I even liked it that much.

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